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Another blog?

November 15, 2018

I’m not a very outgoing person. I also have no talent for writing. So why on earth am I starting this blog? Is there not enough junk on the internet?

The world needs my junk!

I have had one-too-many frustrations this week, where my search-engine-foo and non-existing documentation scenario have failed me, loosing me a few hours of my life. It happens fairly often, the more you dive into something, the less helpful do online tutorials and guides become. And no matter how good the documentation is, it will never cover all of the use-cases.

And so it was born

The idea is simple. Whenever I run into something that I can not solve for too long and search engines of the world come up blank, I will document it here. That way, the person that comes after me can waste their time doing something else, like writing a blog.

Stay tuned…

Ante Sepic

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